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LT Travel

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +55 11 / 31252911
+55 11 / 31252911

Rua Arabé, 126 - Vila Mariana,
04042-070 Sao Paulo

Holiday                       Name                                            Holiday type
1-jan                            New  Year's Day                           National bank holiday
1-mar                           Carnival Saturday                          Observance
1-mar                           Carnival Sunday                           Observance
1-mar                           Carnival Monday                           Optional Holiday
1-mar                           Carnival Tuesday                          Optional Holiday
1-mar                           Carnival end (until 2pm)                Optional Holiday       
Apr 18                          Good Friday                                  National bank holiday
Apr 20                          Easter Sunday                               Observance
Apr 21                          Tiradentes Day                               National bank holiday
May 1                           Labor Day / May Day                      National bank holiday
1-jun                             Lovers' Day                                     Observance
1-jun                             World Cup starts                              Observance
1-jun                             Corpus Christi                                   Optional Holiday
1-jul                              World Cup ends                                Observance
Sep 7                            Independence Day                            National bank holiday
Oct 12                          Our Lady Aparecida/Children's Day   National bank holiday
Oct 15                           Teachers' Day                                   Observance
Oct 28                           Public Service Holiday                      Optional Holiday
1-nov                             All Souls Day                                     National bank holiday  
1-nov                             Republic Proclamation Day               National bank holiday
Dec 24                          Christmas Eve (from 2pm)                 Optional Holiday
Dec 25                           Christmas Day                                   National bank holiday
Dec 31                            New Year's Eve (from 2pm)             Optional Holiday