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Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +55 11 / 31252911
+55 11 / 31252911

Rua Arabé, 126 - Vila Mariana,
04042-070 Sao Paulo

Legal Warnings

Foreigners who commit infractions against national security, the political or social order, and the people’s economy may be expelled. The same applies to cases do commerce, possession or facilitation of the undue use of narcotic substances or substance that cause physical or psychic dependence, or disrespect to nay prohibition specifically determined for foreigners by law. In cases of expulsion, the foreigner will not be allowed to return to Brazil. Those who enter the country irregularly (without authorization) may be deported.

In cases of accusation or condemnations for one or more crimes, the foreigner may be extradited to be judged in his or her country. That, if the requesting government bases its request on an international treaty or promises reciprocity to Brazil. Currently, Brazil has extradition agreements with 18 countries:

- Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, South Korea, Spain, United States, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela.

LT Travel Lufthansa City Center
Rua Arabé,126 - Vila Mariana
04042-070 - SP - Brasil
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